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David Armstrong has managed and consulted on end-to-end supply chain operations and related functional areas throughout his career achieving meaningful improvements in service, operations effectiveness, inventory performance and operating costs. 

Since inventory is typically the second or third largest asset category in most organizations and flows across the total supply chain, I have developed this site to share inventory concepts and tools that I have developed and successfully used to improve inventory performance. 

Achieving consistent, steady progress towards inventory performance improvement is difficult.  The concepts, ideas and approaches here can give you tools and insights to help you achieve that goal.  Also included is a link to my Harvard Business Review article, Sharpening Inventory Management.

Have fun exploring.

Early in my career, I became aware of the inventory/service level trade-off curve. As I looked at live operations, I realized something was wrong - that firms didn't operate on the curve, but inside it.

That meant that firms did not have to make a choice between service and inventory investment but could simultaneously achieve improvements in both service levels and inventory performance.  This was a significant paradigm shift and opened up new ways of thinking about operational improvements.

As my career progressed, I developed new ways of looking at inventory information and also became aware of additional methods of managing inventory and supply chain performance.  

In 1985, I was honored to have an article on my work in inventory published in the Harvard Business Review.  The article is no longer available as a reprint, but you can view by clicking on this link, Sharpening Inventory Management.

In this web site, I share some of the techniques I have used.

Please feel free to explore, use and adapt the tools, concepts and approaches.

If you would like to discuss assistance with applying these or other supply chain concepts and ideas within your organization, please feel free to contact me at David.Armstrong@inventorycurve.com.

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